Introducing… Mailprint Deluxe

Your eyes hurt from staring at the screen? You prefer to have a stack of paper instead of a computer on your desk? You want to see pictures of your friends and colleagues in your printouts? You want to print your e-mail at scale?

UNIX™ wizards across the globe rely on Mailprint Deluxe to print out their electronic mail!

Why power users pick Mailprint

Mailprint integrates well.

Mailprint is a classic UNIX™ tool and adheres to the UNIX™ pipe-and-filters architecture (email-in, groff-out).

Mailprint is a drop-in replacement for muttprint.

Mailprint is slim.

Mailprint is specifically engineered to be slim. While muttprint depends on the 250MB+ TeX Live distribution, Mailprint only depends on the much lighter GNU roff and ImageMagick.

Mailprint is pretty.

Mailprint integrates with state-of-the-art profile picture sources to display sender pictures, such as picon.

Mailprint is free.

Mailprint is Free Software and available free of charge at

This is what it looks like!

Mailprint is well suited for git patches and electronic mail in text format:

Get started today!

What you need:

To install the mailprint command line tool in $HOME/go/bin, run:

go install

Hook up mailprint with Mutt with the following Mutt configuration entry in .muttrc:

set print_command="mailprint | lpr"